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Dietary treatments for Fibromyalgia

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition, which affects many lives. Patients affected by fibromyalgia suffer from chronic pain which involves different body parts: shoulders, arms, upper and lower back. In addition patients often feel tired, even after a night sleep, waking up unrefreshed. Many patients find it difficult to concentrate, and to be physically active.

These symptoms have a serious negative effect on patients' quality of life, academic achievements, daily function and mood.

Our Study
Study Question

We're looking for dietary interventions that would be treat the symptoms of fibromyalgia by healing the gut microbiome, i.e. the germs living in our body. 

Study Procedure

You will be invited for three clinic visits, where you will be examined by a physician expert in fibromyalgia.  Then, you will assigned to one of three diets and followed by a team of pain physicians and clinical nutritionists. You will also be asked to give blood and stool samples.

Filling Out a Medical Form
What is this study about?

The study will take place at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit, at Montreal General Hospital.

In this study we explore the efficacy of two dietary interventions for fibromyalgia as well as their effects on the gut microbiome.

Job Interview
Who may join the study?

We're recruiting adult women with fibromyalgia, who are:

  • otherwise healthy (have no major illnesses);

  • Have not taken antibiotics, have not been sick and have not changed their diet during the last month;

  • are not pregnant;

  • Do not currently follow a low-FODMAP or gluten-free diet.

Desk with Stethoscope
What will the study include?

The study will include:

  • three clinic visits to the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit (MUHC)

  • Following a diet that will be assigned to you for 4 weeks

  • Giving two blood samples (at the clinic) and two stool samples (at home);

  • Filling-in questionnaires.