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Canadian Military Pain & Rehab Journal Research Excellence Award

We would like to congratulate you on being the selected recipient for the annual CMPRJ Research Excellence Award. We would like to acknowledge your significant accomplishments while working in the area of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and thank you for your dedication to patient care and research during this time.

Award Recipients


Victoria Di Virgilio & Lt(N) Peter Beliveau


Kira Burton 


Salena Aggerwal & Captain Isabel Courchesne


Latifah Kamal



MCpl Sasha Lalonde

MCpl Emilie Paquet Proulx

More on the Award

While not officially endorsed by the Canadian Forces, the committee has independently developed this award to recognize individuals dedicated to exceptional clinical care, research, program, and health system development. 


Therefore, this work recognizes the values and characteristics that are required to drive these accomplishments. This includes unparalleled compassion, perseverance, innovation, vision, leadership and professionalism. Your body of work to date reflects the same core principles, and therefore we believe you have great potential to make an important difference in society and military care specifically.

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