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The human microbiome

Our gut is home to myriads of microorganisms - bacteria, viruses and fungi. These tiny creatures, which are found mainly on our skin and in our digestive system,  are mostly harmless to us, and even important for our health. Microbiome is the term given to the genes of the microorganisms found in and on us. Much research has been done on these silent inhabitants in recent years, and it seems that the composition of the gut bacterial community changes significantly in different medical conditions. Altered microbiome composition has been found in bowel diseases, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancer and even anxiety and autism.

Gut microbiome and pain

Our group, as part of the Alan Edwards Centre for the Research Of Pain, has focused much research effort on exploring the link between the gut microbiome and chronic pain. We were the first to show that the gut microbiome is changed in individuals with fibromyalgia, and that these changes could explain some of the symptoms. You are invited to read the full article.

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